March is Women’s History Month

In preparation for Women’s History Month we thought it would be interesting to post a few facts:

The median annual earnings of women 15 or older who worked year-round, full time, in 2009, up 1.9 percent from $35,609 in 2008 (after adjusting for inflation).

Women earned 77 cents for every $1 earned by men.
Source: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009

29.9 million
Number of women 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or more education in 2009, higher than the corresponding number for men (28.7 million). Women had a larger share of high school diplomas, as well as associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. More men than women had a professional or doctoral degree.

$1.2 trillion
Receipts for women-owned businesses in 2007. There were 141,893 women-owned businesses with receipts of $1 million or more.

7.8 million
The number of women-owned businesses in 2007. Women owned 29 percent of all nonfarm businesses; 910,761 of these were employer firms. Women were also equal owners with men of another 4.6 million businesses.

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