You Helped Make The Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference A Fantastic Gathering

We have had such a good time visiting with the couple hundred women that are tackling the tough issues of interest to women farmers! Over 225 people came together at the Lake Morey Resort this week for the 2010 Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference. Nearly 150 of them went out on farm and food business tours on Nov. 2. And on November 3, we hunkered down at the resort for workshops, roundtables and networking.

We love what happens when women get together and share their stories…

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Beth Holtzman is outreach and education coordinator for the UVM New Farmer Project the Women's Agricultural Network.
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  1. Suzy Hodgson says:

    After one night away I really did miss my animals – it looked like our pigs were really smiling at me as they basked in the waning sun. It was a gorgeous afternoon yesterday (unlike today).

    And as for making/changing plans, our pigs are booked in for the end of the month (they’ve had a great life transforming our woodland), but today, we made a family decision about our two remaining weathered goats. They’ll start their new life at a petting farm. I think they’ll bring far more enjoyment to visiting schoolchildren than to a couple of our family meals of goat stew. Farming is a family business after all, and children have a right to influence decisions especially if they’ve been helping hands.

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