May 24 Deadline – Comment on GAP

FDA is accepting comments on the proposed rule to establish safety standards for the production and packaging of fresh produce. In order to submit your suggestions click here and enter FDA-2010-N-0085 as the keyword. You can also review what comments others have left.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that by the end of 2010, the FDA will issue a proposed rule to establish safety standards for the production and packing of fresh produce. The usual process is for FDA to issue a proposed rule and then take comments. But this time, FDA wants to go one step further by actively engaging stakeholders while FDA is still in the development phase of such a rule.
FDA has opened a docket (Federal Register notice location: to receive information before a proposed rule is written. This will help FDA develop the scope of the rule to reflect the realities of production and packing in produce operations. The discussion on this complex and diverse segment of the nation’s food supply needs to be fueled and informed by the expertise and on-the-ground knowledge of those who grow, harvest and pack fresh produce. That’s why FDA needs to hear from you. In addition, FDA hopes you will “spread the word” to groups throughout your area of the country and areas of expertise — so that all sectors that may be affected by the rulemaking to come will know about this opportunity to get their views heard and will take advantage of it.
Below are some tips on how to submit comments to FDA through You can also submit comments by mail.
Electronically, at The multi-agency Web site, serves as a clearinghouse for materials related to FDA rulemaking and is FDA’s official on-line comment system. The easiest way to get to the docket is to enter the docket number. On the home page, enter the following in the “Keyword” field: FDA-2010-N-0085 This will take you directly to the docket, “Preventive Controls for Fresh Produce: Request for Comments” In the far right of the screen under Actions, click on “Submit a Comment” A page will come up asking for some information about you or your organization. You can then type your comment directly into the field provided and/or you can attach any related documents to your comment. Press “Submit”. You will be able to view your comment and comments others have submitted.

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