So many ideas, so little time…

I recently had some time off which was wonderful because it provided time to recharge my well with the energy that I’ll need to get through the next few busy months. But time off is not always a good thing for me because it gives me too much time to think about new ideas, new programs, new projects that would be fun to get started.
I find myself in a familiar pattern. Crazy, busy schedule leads me to shut down on new ideas and leaves me feeling drained. So I take time off, get rested, read some books, hear some new ideas, meet up with interesting people. Then I find myself taking on a lot of projects, starting new initiatives, and filling my schedule to capacity again. Which brings the wheel full-cycle. Since I recognize the pattern you might think that I’d do something about it but no, I choose to relive it over and over.
I finally figured out that there must be something in the pattern that I enjoy. And I’ve noticed that I’m not alone. Many of the farmers and business owners that I talk to seem to be on the same roller-coaster. In the past I’ve counseled these busy professionals to manage their priorities better, make informed decisions, and separate the urgent tasks from the important tasks and focus on the important. I still think all that advice makes sense and this year I’m going to dedicate myself to taking some of my own advice. But in the meantime it may be that we will all have to acknowledge that these race and rest patterns of activity are just another way of living in our ramped up world. So in these last days of the harvest season take care, rest when you can and look ahead to the next rest cycle.

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