Will and Zeke’s Davis Green Adventure

Our recording begins as we walk towards the center of the Davis green. You can hear some friendly banter between Will and I as we discuss upcoming concerts. Another prevalent noise is a constant flow of wind while we wander towards the granite benches near the sidewalk. The microphone also does a good job of picking up the dull thrum of surrounding conversation, with a few more discernible phrases interspersed within the recording. For much of the recording we can also hear Will softly strumming his guitar which provides a nice and simple background soundscape. For a short bit you can hear some clicks and pops of my beatbox in accompaniment to Will’s guitar. The long section of our interview then commences which was quite exciting and amusing for everyone involved. We then head back through the Davis center, run into an SGA booth asking for suggestions, and head through the tunnel. It cuts out halfway through the conversation because the sound file was too big to transfer from my phone voice memos.

I enjoyed the interaction of the many human voices throughout our recording because of the differences distinguishable through a reduced lens. Listening to the recording also reveals how cacophonous the more populated areas of the campus are. I was also interested in how a lot of the sounds I could hear on the recording were not exactly noticed while we were in that moment and time. I really liked this particular assignment because I got to see how much sound exists all around us that we aren’t even registering.