Assignment #5 (Audio Research Report)

Due: Sunday, April 14 at 11:59 pm

For this assignment you will create an audio presentation that summarizes some aspect of your individual research project. The format of your presentation is up to you. You might create a documentary-style podcast that combines narrative and examples, or a mashup that blends sounds related to your research, or a “mixtape” that compiles sounds and places them in a particular order for the listener. The point of this presentation, however you choose to format it, is to provide the listener with a better understanding of your research findings.


  • Your audio report should contain a minimum of THREE sounds and no more than TEN sounds. These sounds should fall under “fair use.” Be sure to check the list of sound archives and other resources available on the library guide for our course.
  • Your report should be 5-10 minutes long (depending on the format you choose).
  • Each audio report should begin with a short (approx. one-minute long) oral statement of your research. Think of this as a one-minute “elevator” or “dinner conversation” version of your research project. That is, you should be able to convey the topic and questions that you are investigating informally, in a way that engages the listener in your project. Imagine you are explaining it to your parents over dinner, or to a friend when you run into each other in the Davis Center.
  • Depending on the format you choose for your presentation, you may wish to add some text to the blog that clarifies, contextualizes, or otherwise explains the sounds that you included in your report. You may wish to compose a script and then read it as part of your presentation; in that case no text needs to be posted. If you wish to include visual materials as a supplement to your report you can post those as well.
  • Rather than simply report everything you’ve learned about your topic, try to give your presentation some emphasis. For example, focus on what you’ve learned so far that most surprised you and why. Or provide some background about why the question you’re exploring is important and share some of the answers you’ve discovered so far.
  • Use specific examples you have found in your sources to help indicate the implications of what you are investigating.
  • Post your report to the blog via Soundcloud. [Note: If you would like to use a similarly accessible digital format to post your report to the blog you may do so. However, you should make sure that it is available for us to listen to.]


  • Include a title for your report!
  • If you cite any of your sources in your report you must include a bibliography that lists those sources.