Assignment #4 (Research Report)

Due Friday, March 22 by 11:59pm

The goal of this assignment is to develop content pertaining to your individual research project that will contribute to your group’s poster.

Your research report must include three components:

(1) Write a 150-word statement that gives an overview of how your research relates to your group’s theme (Soundscapes, Sound-Mind-Body, Politics, or Belonging/Identity). Instead of summarizing your research you should instead focus in on a key point that connects your individual research to that of your other group members.

(2) Post an example of a sound that exemplifies the key issues you are studying through your research. You should also add a 100-word caption that explains how the sound relates to your research questions and preliminary findings.

(3) Post an image or graphic that communicates what you think is the most important point of your research.

NOTE: It is very important that you stick to these word limits for this assignment. Concision and clarity are of the utmost importance in creating a research poster. Ideally, the text you write for this report may form a part of your group’s poster.


  • Include a title for your report that encapsulates your statement in no more than FIVE words!
  • If you cite any of your sources in your report you must include a bibliography that lists those sources.