How to add sounds to the blog

  1. Log into the class blog, add a new post, and fill in your blog entry. Be sure to add your title and then format the text of your post as needed. Save a draft of your post.
  2. Log into your soundcloud account. When you go to your profile all of the sounds you recorded will be listed there. Click on the “Share” button that appears underneath your sound.
  3. Copy all of the text that appears in the “Link” Box. Go back to your draft on the blog, select the portion of the text where you want the link to the sound to appear, and then hit the “Link” button in the menu (it looks like a chain link). Paste the text your copied into the URL box. You can also add a title for your link if you would like. Check the “open link in new window/tab” box. Then hit “Add Link”
  4. Preview your post and check to make sure your links all work.
  5. Add tags to your post, proofread it one more time, and then hit “Publish.”

The format of your blog post is up to you: You can have your playlist appear at the beginning of your post in a list format, link to the sounds there, and have your narrative description appear beneath. Or you can have the sounds from your playlist appear within your narrative. Or you can come up with some other format that you feel is appropriate given the themes of your post and your discussion of hearing and listening in your narrative.

[Note: Unfortunately, soundcloud integration is not available on the UVM blogs’ wordpress installation. This means we cannot use the widget or the shortcode which would allow us to embed our sounds into the blog. I am working with support at UVM to see if we can upgrade the blogging software so our sounds can be more smoothly integrated in the future. For now we will have to use plain links as described above.]