Hannah and Glenna’s Outside Day!

-Sounds heard on soundwalk: wind, greenhouse fans, footsteps, conversation, opening doors, lab sounds, coughing

-Locations: outside greenhouse, inside greenhouse, in science lab, on the street. We sat outside the greenhouse for our first five minutes, which was quiet besides wind and the sounds of the greenhouse fans. For our ten-minute walk we went inside the greenhouse and then in Hannah’s microbiology lab she works in. We then walked outside and were on the street.

– The whirring of the greenhouse fans was very identifiable. The conversations we heard I didn’t know exactly where they came from because my eyes were closed.

-The drones were the wind and greenhouse fans. At first I didn’t really hear them but when I really started listening they were identifiable.

– The natural sounds were predominant in our first 5 minutes (mostly the wind), and then the sounds became more human as Hannah and I started to talk and explore during our ten-minute walk.

– Most of the sounds I heard were fairly quiet. There was really no loud, startling noise

– The depth of sounds ranged from very close to the microphone to almost out of our ability to hear

– I feel like I understand how much depth there is to sound now. Hearing beyond what’s right in front us is something that doesn’t often happen unless we are really trying to listen and hear everything.


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