The Seattle Sound

The Seattle Sound (Soundcloud)


Bon Jovi, Jon. Living on a Prayer. Bon Jovi. Bruce Fairbairn, 1986. CD.

Cornell, Chris. Slaves and Bulldozers. Soundgarden. Terry Date, 1991. CD.

Staley, Layne. Man In the Box. Alice in Chains. Dave Jerden, 1991. CD.

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Vedder, Eddie. Black. Pearl Jam. Rick Parashar, 1991. CD.

2 thoughts on “The Seattle Sound

  1. The difference between the first song you displayed and the others in your talk seem very different. I am intrigued to see where the differences lie and what caused such a change in the both the lyrical content and the overall sounds of the songs. I also find it interesting that the lyrics are not necessarily required to understand the somber, melancholy sounding songs that you displayed. Maybe that’s how a lot of no-talent artists make it in the music industry since the words are almost optional…

  2. I like that you touch upon the the enigmatic lyrical tendencies of some grunge music, using Eddie Vedder as an example. I would agree that between the strained singing style and dark, unconventional lyricism present in the productions of many grunge artists, the music certainly could be said to have more complexity and depth—necessitating a more involved listening experience—than other forms of rock during the 80s.

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