Oral Tradition in Greece

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6 thoughts on “Oral Tradition in Greece

  1. Really well made Sam. I am really interested in this topic because I dealt heavily with it in two of my first semester classes. Your research is really accurate and I like how you explain the differences between orality and literacy in your own way. Smooth and and calm delivery too!

  2. Excellent clip and very well produced. I especially enjoyed the bit about Greek thinkers and their hatred of writing, but still used writing in order to store their ideas.

  3. This was really well-done. The part that stuck out to me most was how you were able to smoothly integrate some of the sounds into the background; this created an efficient and effective discussion of these clips.

  4. This post was well put together. I like the fact that you avoided “like” and “umm” when speaking, it made the whole thing much more credible.

  5. The clip was well created. It reminds me of a public broadcast. I liked how you played the longer audio clips in the background to allow you to give more information in a shorter amount of time.

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