6 thoughts on “Assignment #5

  1. I really enjoyed the layout of your blog post and I like the fact that you involved your major in your study. Having studied the brain and having a topic that dips into similar themes, I found your analysis of the bridge between the two especially interesting.

  2. Interesting and intriguing post. The meditative beginning sets up your topic well, and i thought the sounds of the brain scans provided a cool link between the spiritual and scientific sides

  3. Cool post, I really like the perspective you’re able to share as a neuroscience major. I really like being able to think about the correlation between the sensation of transcendence and decreased brain activity within the parietal lobe; it makes the whole concept of meditation more tangible to me.

  4. Nice post! I love learning about the om, and I never knew all the neuroscience stuff you talked about. Also the noises of the brain scans were cool. I’m excited to hear more about your project

  5. Very interesting sounds! I feel like I understand your project better now. I liked the long om at the beginning because it helped me to contextualize what you were talking about before you got into the details.

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