Political Mashup: Audio Report

I chose to hi-light the chronological layout of my report by placing all three artists in conjunction on the mashup and then splitting the verses by age of the artist, Tupac first, then Technique, then Macklemore. This track also touches on the prophetic nature of the genre and music as a whole, with the sample Macklemore includes at the end of his verse directly discussing the future of hip hop in respect to cough syrup. Enjoy.

Dinner Conversation


The Otherside of Getting Caught in a Hustle Changes by MackleTechniqueShakur 

6 thoughts on “Political Mashup: Audio Report

  1. I am really excited about the subject you are researching, especially because of your focus upon the prophetic nature of rap music. I agree with Nietzsche that art is both a reflection and a monument of its time, and I am interested to see how you examine these three artists in terms of historico-political impact and such. What interests me also is how music and art have for eons provided an outlet for the marginalized masses, and how it is now still being used in what we term the “modern” era.

  2. First of all, super respect for making a mashup because I’m clueless about that kind of thing. I also appreciate your idea of the prophetic nature of the music, and I find it particularly interesting because I’m examining that in my research too (as you know, being in my poster group). I think it’s an interesting mix of artists, and I’m looking forward to see where you take the musical prophecies.

  3. A very interesting contrast you have here. I can see Tupac and Immortal Technique but throwing Macklemore in there was a bit of a wild card for me. I am curious to see how you plan on blending the artists together based on their prophetic impact/sounds and how they are related/different.

  4. Macklemore was the artist choice I was the most hesitant about, but I think he does a good job addressing issues that he does have some knowledge about, like addiction, and the industry. His recent rise in popularity and the stage he is in as an artist gave my research a dynamic I could not create with Technique or 2pac. We don’t know what Macklemore will turn into, and this ambiguity is what really tied in the idea of prophecy and looking forward in music.

  5. I like the clips that you chose to convey your message. Being in your poster group, I have already learned a lot about your research, but I think that these songs have successfully summed up what you’re trying to get across. Awesome job!

  6. I think its fascinating that you are examining what these suppressed voices have to say about the socio-political-economic scene of America. I believe there is lot to be heard here. My only question is the authenticity of what Macklemore has to say. Tupac and Immortal Technique both have first hand experience with murder, drug charges, robbery, ect. I don’t believe Macklemore does. Does that present any bias you worry about? Maybe he is just an image?

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