Organic Machines

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8 thoughts on “Organic Machines

  1. I think your project is a great example of how much sound is devalued in the scientific community. I’d be interested to see what the scientific community would discover if they paid more attention to sound waves.

  2. First off, however you embedded that Soundcloud player into the blog is awesome! Also I love your animal noises! The bat sounds were so cool and dolphin sounds were even cooler. It was odd because even those sounds are not natural to our soundscapes they still felt as if they were naturally produced whereas the sonar sound felt unnatural.

  3. I like the setup of your sounds and how easy you make it to follow your research. The way you explain the sonic environments of animals and compare them to us is very interesting.

  4. This project is well thought out. I think it is hard for humans to understand the importance of echolocation to these animals because we live in a visual world. I look forward to finding out what future research and development can do to limit the manmade interference with these animals. Good job!

  5. I thought this was a really interesting project; I liked the documentary- style presentation because that was easy to understand. Nice work!

  6. Thanks for helping me understand sonar better! I was wondering the same thing as Katie actually— has anything been shown up in your research that would potentially make it so sonar wouldn’t hurt animals?

  7. Contrasting the sounds of the animals and the machines is very interesting. I wonder if there is a way to develop sonar that will not impede animal echolocation?

  8. It was cool to understand the similarities and differences between bats, dolphins and humans in this particular sonic context. You explained a very complex topic in a very easy to follow way- great job!

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