Day 5: Pt. 3 – Social Media Revolution

The Gap team started their late afternoon session strong with a catchy 4 minute video called Social Media Revolution, which posed the question…”Is Social Media a fad?  Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?”

Gappers on Social Media

The “Gapper” guest speakers, Kerri Minns-Social Media Specialist, Star Statulevicius-Sales Supervisor, and Ben Stasiuk-African Operations Manager, gave an excellent presentation on how Gap Adventures is using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to create a virtual lifestyle around adventure travel.

Gap Adventures uses Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the Travel Oasis blog to engage and interact with travellers each day, providing a conversation and connection to continue inspiration for travel.

The up-to-the-minute events in social media land were made ever so clear earlier in the week when CEO Bruce Poon Tip’s tweet from the Burlington, VT, airport runway about United Airlines’ poor service and over bookings generated an article in The literally overnight.

iPod, I'm your father.

Follow Gap Adventures “Captain” Bruce Poon Tip on Twitter: @brucepoontip

Follow Social Media Specialist, Kerri Minns on Twitter: @awanderluster

It’s been great having the Gap Adventures team here as the private sector case study.

The course format with lots of dialog and personal interaction has been absolutely wonderful, and Dr. Spenceley’s video conference this morning was great.   A perfect example of sustainable technology.

– Joe, student & globe trotter extraordinnaire

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