Day 5: Pt. 2 – Ecotourism in Post War Countries

Following the video conference from Africa, Megan led a great session on creating tourism models that bring new economic benefits to rural peoples.  In recent years, sustainable tourism development has become an interesting new opportunity for post war countries.   Megan guided the class through her firm, Eplerwood International’s (EWI), experience in Sierra Leone and the different opportunities and challenges that were facing the struggling economy during her work there.

"It all makes sense now!" - Star

After lunch, Epler Wood and EWI consultant, Holly Jones, then presented on the firm’s 3 year project in El Salvador, EcoExperiencias, which has built ecotourism from the ground up–fostering the growth of microenterprises through strategic business planning, targeted capacity building, a solid marketing mix and a cutting edge website that brings the beauty of El Salvador to the world for the first time.

Great dialogs!

Students commented that the El Salvador case study did an excellent job of piecing together all of the different stakeholders’ roles and strategies that the course had covered throughout the week.

Each student could see where they fit into the broader picture of the tourism supply chain!   A great case study for the last day of class!

I came into Gap Adventures from college and this has been my 1st career.  I didn’t learn a lot about this in college. During the days of this course, we learned a lot about NGOs and public sector that I didn’t even think of before; a huge lightbulb just turned on with the EcoExperiencias El Salvador case study.  Every single component was all tied together.  -Star, student & Gap Adventures sales manager

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