Tuesday, Day 2 – Gap Adventures – Planeterra

After the mid-day break we heard from Richard Edwards, who shared his experiences in his role as Marketing Director at Gap Adventures, and as the Director of Gap’s foundation, Planeterra, a non-profit organization with a history of supporting communities through travellers’ desire to give back.

The session was full of rich examples of current projects that Planeterra and Gap are spearheading to benefit the local communities they work with around the globe–the women’s weaving cooperative in Peru, polar bear research in the Artic, the New Delhi street kids project in India, and the Tibet Eye Camp-restoring vision to hundreds of people with a simple 15-minute cataract surgery, etc.  Thank you, Richard, for such a highly interactive and educational session on giving back through sustainable tourism!

Richard Edwards, Gap Adventures and Planeterra

Richard Edwards, Gap Adventures and Planeterra

It’s been very powerful to understand how everything is so interconnected and how the private sector, the donor community and a triple bottom line approach can contribute to sustainable tourism development.

-Paula, student

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