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Ira Allen Chapel – Tower Work

What Is Happening?

We will be adding steel beams to the porch system at Ira Allen Chapel using a crane. We will also be painting the tower using a crane and basket.

Duration of Work:

Start of Work: Monday September 17, 2018
Completion Date: Friday September 28, 2018

What to Expect:

There will be no on-street parking on University Place, and the adjacent sidewalk will be closed. On street parking will be reserved for the crane in front of the Ira Allen Chapel.

Part of the street may be blocked off, so expect light traffic and delays due to one-way traffic.

Some noise due to crane and metal work.

Questions and Project Contact:

Scott Goodwin, Project Coordinator
Phone: 802-922-6336

North Campus Steam Line Repair

What Is Happening?

The Road/Bus Route will be CLOSED on the south of Votey/Kalkin/Ifshin due to a necessary Steam Line repair.  Please follow ALL pedestrian fence lines and signage to navigate safely through the area.

Duration of Work:
July 10 – August 24, 2018

What to Expect:  
The South Door of Votey and Ifshin will remain accessible, but only from the west (Billings side). Kalkin/Ifshin can also be accessed from the north/east doors during this time.

Questions and Project Contact:
Physical Plant Department: 656-2560
Facilities Design & Construction: 656-3291

Annual Maintenance Shutdown – May 20, 2018

The Physical Plant Department will be shutting down the Central Heating & Cooling Plant for annual maintenance immediately following Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm through Friday, May 25, 2018 at 3:00 pm.

The shutdown will impact the utility distribution system, heating, cooling and steam supply for most campus buildings. Services will vary by building. Please visit the Physical Plant website for more information.

The Central Heating & Cooling Plant is the “heart” of our physical campus, supplying steam and chilled water for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and scientific research support.  The annual shutdown is necessary to perform mandatory inspections and repairs for the proper functioning of the Plant and its satellite boilers. This maintenance can only be safely done with the entire system shut down. We appreciate your patience during this disruption of service.

For questions or concerns about the shutdown, call Service Operations Support at 656-2560 or email

Quarterly Sprinkler Alarm Testing – December 2017

The Physical Plant Life Safety Systems crew will be conducting Quarterly Sprinkler Alarm Testing in all buildings listed below.

Life Safety Systems staff & contractors will be testing the sprinkler systems that we have in various buildings on our campus.  This test consists of flowing water through the sprinkler pipe that will cause the fire alarm to activate.  In buildings where an audible announcement can be made over the fire alarm system, LSS staff will make that announcement advising of the test and no need to evacuate building.  Once the testing is complete they will make another announcement.  This audible announce is not available in every building so it is important to look at the printed notices on your building doors.

Thank you for your cooperation as we ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff in our campus community.