Let the tweeting begin

This will be a wonderful way to tweet on behalf of UVM IT.  I can’t find the Twitter feed, though: Twitter says, “No people results for uvminfotech-test.”

Hmmm, I filled in a tweet, but got the error message “There’s been an error posting your Twitter status! Visit your WP to Twitter settings page to get more information and to clear this error message.”  There, it says:  ”

One or more of your last posts has failed to send a status update to Twitter. The Tweet has been saved, and you can re-Tweet it at your leisure.

403 Forbidden: The request is understood, but it has been refused. This code is used when requests are understood, but are denied by Twitter. Reasons can include: Too many Tweets created in a short time or the same Tweet was submitted twice in a row, among others. This is not an error by WP to Twitter.


Looks as if I can’t publish this unless I delete my tweet.  I’ll first try “Don’t Tweet this post”… that still gives the error message.   Now I’ll just erase the tweet text (which was “Where should I keep my files? The easy-to-use webfiles.uvm.edu & sharepoint.uvm.edu are backed up daily, and you can get to them anywhere.”)… I still get the error message.  I’ve visted the suggested page, but let me try that again.   This time I’ve pressed the Clear button.

Check out this test post!

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