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Periodic Table of Visualization

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I am passing this great stuff on from Ross Peterson-Veatch, PhD out of Goshen College.
“A local High School Math teacher (who happens to live on my block),
just sent me this cool link. I thought I’d pass it on. Seems like a
great way to promote exploration of visuals in teaching and
presentation. Doing a “mouseover” on any of the “elem…ents” will
generate a pop-up example of that visualization concept.

Have a look:

The larger web site is about “Visual Literacy” and has some fascinating stuff on it.http://www.visual-literacy.org/ Enjoy!”
I went to both sites and found them VERY useful and a great example of the UDL principle multiple means of representation.See MoreA Periodic Table of Visualization Methods www.visual-literacy.org

One thought on “Periodic Table of Visualization

  1. You are very quick with giving us so various info about the newest gadgets on the market and I am amazed everytime I read your next post! And this one is not an exception. Promoting exploration of visualizing, applied in teaching is just the other super adequate method of the modern society we all live in. And such an innovation about the periodic table, giving such hard time to so many students is just a proof for that. Love the idea!

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