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New York was once looked at as the cultural capital of the world, according to the Huffington Post. The city is influenced by its buildings, its history, its art, its music, and so much more. In each part of New York City, whether its SoHo, or Union Square, or Times Square, there will definitely be some cultural aspect to be seen. Even walking through the subway station, we can hear people who play instruments and sing in their own way, to represent what the music means to them. New York City also has a large diversity population which also contributes to the variety in cultures in the city. “A large and culturally-diverse population, living in close quarters in a congested city, provided excellent breeding grounds for artistic collaboration and exploration.” (Huffington Post) There are so many different cultural events that go on in the city every single day, from poem reading, to art shows, to museums, and concerts, that allow tourists from all over the world and people who live in the city to enrich and enliven these peoples lives. “Artists and venues around the country followed the Big Apple’s lead. ” (Huffington Post) More examples of cultural capital in New York City, is the Lincoln Center, Broadway, the Symphony, and the Opera.

All in all, New York City is an influential cultural capital of America and the world.


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