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November is here!

Since last visit there are various changes. The landscape is changing quickly, the trees, the leaves, the brook, even he trails. The leaves are all falling, covering the whole landscape with beautiful colors. The increased rainfall has increased the depth of Centennial Brook. The water is flowing faster, carrying more sediments and fallen leaves downstream. The ground is moist and muddy, leaving my footprints behind. I took notice of a decrease in wildlife, most likely due to the rain pouring out of the dark, gloomy sky. There are not as many birds singing on this gloomy day compared to my last visit with bright skies and soundly melodies in the air. The rain drops hitting the brook are just so peaceful. I can hear the intensity of the rain increase and decrease as the wind blows through the forest.



The drips and drops, The soft and hard. Raindrops fall from above.

Left and Right, the trees stand tall.

Sunny days the birds sing, the water flows.

Peaceful and elegant nature can be, just give her the time of day.

Relax and cherish the moments of the cordial wildlife,

undisturbed within the pines, oaks, and maples.



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