All coming to an end

The most important thing about endings, in my opinion, is that they force us to look back on our journeys. Though it’s nice to have my first year at UVM coming to a close, to know that in just a week I will have the worry of schoolwork off of my shoulder, and will be […]

High Tide?

On a beautiful, sunny Tuesday I cruised my bike down to the waterfront to visit my phenology site. I hadn’t been down to the water in a while, and I couldn’t believe how high the lake was! There was barely any beach left to walk on, as opposed to this fall when there was at […]

Sugarloaf, Maine

I spent half of my March vacation at my family’s ski condo at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. It’s safe to say that I spent more than an hour immersing myself in the environment. I was out skiing every day (until I got hurt and had to sit in the condo). I always see animal tracks […]

Frozen Lake!

It’s official, I can now walk on the lake at my phenology site. I think it’s been this way for quite a while now, but I haven’t been down to try it out; I’ve been spending so much time up in the mountains, skiing. Since the first time I came to my site, the change […]

Warm, for February

I pulled my bike out of the melting snow that had collected around the wheels, it had been over a week since I’d ridden her, and I missed the feeling of flying down the damn streets. Though it certainly made things faster, the bike ride was a bit treacherous, especially when I got down to […]

First semester sunset

On Tuesday afternoon I walked down to the waterfront to check out my phenology site. I usually ride my bike down, and I was surprised when the walk took almost an hour. However, it did give me lots of time to reflect on what this place has been for me. It’s hard to believe that […]

A tale of Two Beaches

I went to my favorite place in the world a few different times during break. My first visit to Crane Beach was on a short walk with my two dogs. The mere smell of the ocean seemed to lift me out of the rainy Burlington slump that I had fallen into. I may have laughed […]

A cold, drizzly Saturday

I woke early this morning, Saturday, November 03, to try to catch the colors of sunrise reflecting on the lake. Unfortunately, the rain and fog thwarted my plan, so I arrived to my favorite patch of beach in a hazy dawn. I heard a songbird as I neared my spot, pedaling along the bike path. […]

Visit 2: Map

Though I saw little wildlife, or evidence of any wildlife on my visit to the lake today, I did notice that many of the leaves have turned from their former green to yellow, red, or brown. Many have fallen off. I was able to identify, with the help of GTA Grace, a few of the […]

A quiet place to swim

Though I didn’t swim today because the water is cold and I didn’t feel like putting on my wet-suit, this small patch of beach on the south end of North Beach is one of my favorite places to swim in Burlington. It’s really easy to get to. I simply ride my bike down the hill […]