Let’s dive right in with some directions on how to make a podcast project.

Click on this link to Apple’s written tutorials on podcast projects….


Check out your assignment at the class blog.

Your podcasts are due Nov. 10 and are worth 15% of the final grade.

Email techcats@uvm.edu with questions!

Cheers, Holly and Carly

I posted a bunch of signs around campus about the new TechCATs positions and we got over 35 applications!  I am in the process of going through them all and scheduling interviews.  It’s exciting to see the great bunch of applicants we got from all over campus.

Cheers, Holly


by: flickr user: Qole Pejorian

Welcome back to the Center for Teaching and Learning at UVM.
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Today we will be working on:

Happy Blogging and be sure to contact Jacob if you need help!

I think Mac widgets are fun to use and useful. I found out that a friend of mine created one for the UVM directory, actually you can use it with any LDAP directory. I use it ALL the time to find folks at UVM. Check out the new UVM website. It is very nice. You can download the Directory Widget for Mac at the Directory Digger page.
Let me know if you like it.


  1. TCats Project Updates
  2. Web Template Questions
  3. Bb testing over break


5-6 hrs over break of testing Bb
Go to Cafe Holly
log notes in the discussion board
Look for the thread called:
TechCATs thoughts on Bb

Things to Try in your café course:

Replace Banner
Change Course Menu options
Try various tools
add documents and images
you can start any of the things you might try in the control panel
Happy happy Thanksgiving.


Blogged with Flock

Students will learn the steps to download DV footage through iMovie software to a laptop computer.
Students will learn the basic steps of i-Movie.
Students will understand how to save their footage in iMovie to burn to a DVD.
Students will understand how to transfer their video footage to an external harddrive.
Students will understand the basics of sound editing/synching up
Student owned MacBooks (at least 3-4)
Apple iMovie Software
Stick USB mics
firewire cable
4 dv cams
Timeline: (3:30pm-4:45pm)
import video footage from dv camera to laptop computers through iMovie
Editing Techniques
Voice and other Audio Files
import from iTunes
adding Titles
Export to DVD
You can download the previous version of iMovie for free if you have purchased the NEW iMovie 08.
PDF file of iMovie instructions, opens in acrobat reader
Apple’s main support page for the iMovie Software
Apple’s iMovie Video Tutorials

Outline for Eng. 005 class
Students will learn the steps to record a podcast project in the Apple GarageBand software.
Students will learn the ways to edit a podcast project in the Apple GarageBand software.
Students will understand how to save their file in GarageBand as a MP3 file format or AAC file.
Students will understand how to upload the podcast files to their blogs or send to their professor to put on iTunesU.
Student owned MacBooks (at least 3-4)
Apple GarageBand Software
Stick USB mics
Timeline: (3:30pm-4:45pm)
Dr. Paul Martin introduces podcasting assignment for ENGLISH 005
Holly Parker introduces the GarageBand Software for Podcasting:

  • click the create new podcast episode option on the main menu
  • click either male or female voice option (these preconfigured options will help the recording to sound more professionally remastered.)
  • for fun: use the loop browser to select a jingle to add into the podcast

Enhanced features:
Podcast artwork
Chapter Titles
Apple PodCast VIDEO Tutorial for GarageBand
Apple PDF document for GarageBand (this link will open a PDF file)

Outline for Math 17 class
Students will learn the effective ways to use powerpoint for a presentation.
Students will learn the most effective ways to use a three panel poster for a presentation.
Students will learn the best ways to save and transfer their files to another machine for a presentation.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Apple’s Keynote product
Tufte book
web sites below
(similar time interval for the afternoon)
9:30 am Introducations and what we are going to talk about today regarding presentations
9:35 am Katie and Jacob lead the class through a brainstorming session about what make a good or bad presentation
9:45 am Katie and Jacob share any lessons learned from their experiences watching or giving presentations
9:55 am Holly talk about what tips help to make better powerpoint slides, show the Bill Gates and Steve Job examples:
10:20 am : time for PowerPoint demo or questions
10:30 am : time for general questions about PowerPoint
10:40 am : Go over the ways to send files and save files for the Presentation days
Handout contact information and Media Lab hrs.
Closing remarks and questions

What makes a good presentation that uses Powerpoint or poster boards?

1. visual images where appropriate
2. speak clearly and at a normal pace
3. have very little text on your slides or poster board
4. have a handout to communitcate larger ideas that need more text
5. be as engaging and exciting as you can about your content
6. make sure you practiced your talk ahead of time and paced yourself
7. ask if the audience has any questions at the end and wait for an answer
8. give contact information in case people want to talk with you afterwards about your topic
Some nuts and bolts tips for designing with Powerpoint:
1. Use colors that are easy for the audience to read – What colors are easy to read? Easy to print?
2. Limit the amount of text and different kinds of images on the slide – How much is too much?
3. Keep your fonts easy to read and consistent
4. don’t overdo the use of animations and moving objects – a little goes a long way
5. Include the important points of your talk
6. Never read directly from your slides – this is death for the audience 🙂
7. Cite your references – all of them, either on the last slide or handout.
Designing a 3 panel Poster Board presentation:
1. chose a font that is easy to ready
2. use large print
3. use large images to show concepts
4. have a handout to show detailed information
5. use colors that are easy to read
6. be sure that your MAIN concepts are included on the board
7. be sure there is contact information on the poster board
8. as you design your board, step back and look at it from farther away (pretend you are the audience)
Can you see the main concepts? Can you see the graphs? photos? images? titles?
9. Cite your references – all of them, either on the board or handout.
Contact information:
TechCATs Program
Holly Parker, TechCATs coordinator
Holly.Parker@uvm.edu or 656-1124
Katie Chang, Senior UVM student, TechCATs program
Jacob Klein, Junior UVM student, TechCATs program
The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint, Edward R. Tufte, Graphics Press LLC, Cheshire CT, 2003
Presentation Zen Blog, by Garr Reynolds

Time: 8:30-10:00am, 303 Bailey/Howe
Katie C.
1. Welcome Back for the Fall 2007 semester
2. Announcements- Agreement for how to hold this meeting and future meetings (please read)
3. Client Services Protocol
4. Use of Facebook to schedule meetings/events and for communication
5. Use of the TechCATs listserv for reminders and notices as well.
6. Holly has new office hours every Friday from 9am-11am in 303 Bailey/Howe Library
Places to Log your time and work:
CTL DOC track system
Director is IN Media Lab track system
People Soft to get paid!
Project Sofware Needs:
Microsoft Photostory
Adobe Photoshop
New iMovie software
Video Conferencing Software
New GarageBand
Final Cut Pro new version
DVD studio Pro
Bb experts
UVM web template

Welcome to the blogging workshop today for all the students in Dr. Paul Martin’s English 005 course for the Fall 2007 semester. We will be working on posting entries to your group blogs, working with the templates in stylecatcher and finding photos for your blogs using the wonderful FLICKR.com website. Take a look at the Creative Commons section to search for photos that are available for you to post on your site as long as you stick to the outline in the creative commons licenses. Here is an online guide to citing electronic resources on your blog. Happy Blogging!

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