Thanksgiving Post- Tucker Diveley

Aldo Leopold:

The walk down to where the water meets the land, relieves any tension I have from the day leading up to this adventure. It is a walk of transitions from paved to dirt to unmarked and it represents to me the disconnect perfectly. The paved road has a stress on my body and there is no give but the emotions felt as the feet move to a dirt path and a overhang of oaks as a descend towards the river is calming and happy. Happy to be out in the now, on the path towards tranquility. The Cametas Creek runs calmly by as pass over it and the hill to my left is empty of leaves but the forest is still alive as i see the fleeting image of a deer run though the brush. Pass a small pool where frogs gather in the spring to lay eggs. Even away from the neighborhood there is still civilization as I cross the train tracks that lead down to the water’s edge and the dock that supports so much happiness in the warmer months of the year. It is only visited now by those who wander into its calming embrace as the dock has been battered but has not fallen. It is where I come to rest take notes and breath in what is in essence, peace.

Mary Holland:

Winter in Richmond, Virginia has been much more gradual than the winter up here in Vermont. It seemed that the leaves were compacted more which would lead me to believe it had been a slow falling of leaves which would allow for that compaction. In Vermont it was very warm before it got very cold and the leaves did not have time to compact as much as they did in Virginia. The amount of variation on tree species is drastic but there is some similar species of trees and animals. The Northern Red Oak has lost all its leaves and the cold air tells the under story creatures to hide and prepare for hibernation. Squirrels were not around in Virginia due to this gradual cold spell. 4 weeks ago Vermont was warm and inviting and squirrels were still spotted and the majority of the leaves were present. Then that next 2 weeks passed and the cold took most of those leaves on the trees quickly. Safety and infrequency of visitation to this area in Virginia allows for there to be more wildlife such as the white-tailed deer looking for the last bit of food before the bitter cold sets in. Vermont the bitter cold has already set in and deer will not be looking for berries or grasses that have otherwise died in Vermont.

~ by tdiveley on November 27, 2017.

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