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There have been drastic botanical changes since my last visit and in that time the temperature has dropped. ThisĀ  led to those more drastic changes, all it takes is a little cold to kill the trees from last visit. The maples have all gone and lost their leaves, they were the first to go. The Red Oaks have still not dies but it will not be much longer there is a great deal of yellow in the canopy and the ground around the trees is much more littered with oak leaves. Since this is happening it is easier to see the waterfront from where is sit to examine the landscape on this outcrop of Monkton Quartzite. 30% of the area is still green because of the evergreens and is a reminder there will be something to report in the winter months as I continue this blog. The moss and ferns are still green as well and I am not sure when they are suppose to die if at all?



Never lost but always increasing

trees growing and always releasing

new leaves always breezing.

The value of nature never ceasing.

Whether it be always green or somewhere in between

nature is a currency of this world, everyone knows what it means

because it has what most people seek


~ by tdiveley on November 6, 2017.

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