Phenology Map- Tucker Diveley

MAP                                                       Red Maple (almost no leaves)

Since the last time I visited my Phenology site at Oakledge park the leaf ground cover has increases by at least 25%. It is getting into fall and the leave are changing. I would have expected it to be slightly further along but since all the warm weather it is not a changed as some. The saplings on the other hand are almost devoid of leaves just like that red maple up there (top right) between 90-100% devoid of leaves. All the evergreens are still green but there seems to be an increase in pine cones on the ground. The red oaks have stated to turn red and 20% of their leaves have started to turn while 80% is still green, the white oaks are a vibrant yellow orange. The most common plant in the area is the buckthorne and that tree has all but been killed by the cold, few leaves remain. There have been several animal sightings such as 1 squirrel, 1 chipmunk, and several bird species.

~ by tdiveley on October 23, 2017.

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