Introduction- Oakledge Park

I chose to go to Oakledge park. It was fairly far away from campus and it seemed like a place with diverse plant and terrain types. My location is 100 feet from the water with rocky cliffs leading down to it. The diversity of the place drew me to it and the distance from campus so it might not be a popular spot where there are many other students there. To get there first you need to drive or walk (super far to walk so I recommend driving) to Oakledge Park. Head to the further bathrooms past the entrance and tennis courts. Walk down the Island line trail and take the left trail when it splits and go around the bend to a trail that leads into the forest. Walk 100 paces into the forest along the trailĀ  and go off trail on the right about 20 paces, you have arrived. There you will see poison ivy littering the floor and the over story coverage is about 45% and under story about 70%. Dead leaves and branches cover the ground. There are several woody tree species in the area such as Common Buckthorne, Northern Red Oak, White Oak, Red Maple, and Norway Spruce. There were several tree species I could not identify but I will able to soon.

~ by tdiveley on October 2, 2017.

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