A phenological study of Centennial Woods

The Centennial Riverbend

The place within Burlington’s borders that I chose for an extended phenological study is what I consider the Centennial Riverbend. The Centennial Riverbend can be reached by following the path from the start of Centennial Woods until the four way crossroads adjacent the wetland, then following the path forward until the Centennial Riverbend can be seen on your left. The plot can be identified by a log that sits on the bank of the river bend currently marked with hiking tape. I chose the Centennial Riverbend as my blog plot because of its cohabitational potential and the obvious division between forest brush and wetland plain from one side of the bend to the other. The plot is home to both coniferous and deciduous species of trees, the most popular being Eastern White Pine and Sugar Maple respectively. Bull Thistle and other ground level plants also dot the edge of the water.


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