Spring has not sprung.

The April freezing rains have not been kind to Burlington. I explored the Salmon Hole along with Winooski River extensively over the weekend and I could barely find any signs of spring, or greenery for that matter. I could not find any amphibious indications, but my friend swears she saw a fish jump. There weren’t any trees blooming and everything seemed muddy and grey. However, I did hear quite a few birds, but they turned out just to be gulls until I saw some geese (the only sign of spring I found).

The salmon hole is unique in its very close proximity to urban centers. The river is substantially lower than the road and settlements, therefore all the pollutants run down into the watershed. The Salmon Hole isn’t a particularly large space, nor is the trail surrounding it. They both butt up to the street, so there isn’t much room for forested wildlife, maybe the occasional deer, but mostly small game.

Pictures Taken Thursday:

Pictures Taken Saturday:

Personal Sketch:


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