Naked Bike Ride

The naked bike ride is a tradition at UVM where people strip down and do laps around campus. It has become less of a bike ride and more of a run, but the fact that people are naked hasn’t changed. First semester I had to go see what the NBR was, I knew I wasn’t going to participate but I had to watch. It was probably the most interesting thing I’ve seen at UVM so far, I have never seen so many naked people in my life. After watching I knew I had to participate at least one time while I was at UVM, but said that I was going to probably senior year. As the end of the semester approached, people started talking about doing it and I kept saying that I wasn’t going. But yesterday was the day of the event and I finally decided to do it. And as of ┬álast night I am proud to say that I ran naked on campus. You would think that I would be really weird, but as you’re running the people standing there watching are the weird ones. I encourage everyone to participate because when will you ever get the chance to run naked in public again? (at least legally)

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