Admitted Students Everywhere

It’s that time of year when prospective students are getting accepted and start touring universities trying to figure out where they want to spend their next 4 years. I remember last year when I had tour the universities I got accepted to, seeing all of the students and trying to picture myself as one of them. But now I am a student at UVM and it’s weird to see tour groups. For some reason, when students see a tour group there is some sort of a fascination. I cannot help but look over towards them and think about when that was me. You can always tell when they are visiting students because they always have that green tote bag, pamphlets, and their parents tagging along with them. They either look confused, disoriented, or pissed off at their parents. Everyone always has the desire to do something crazy in front of the tour groups to make an everlasting impression, whether good or bad. And as much as everyone complains how crowded the buildings get at this time of year, I think everyone enjoys seeing the possible new freshmen at UVM. The university has a lot more touring days to come, which means should prepare ourselves for admitted students everywhere.

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