Back to the Days without the Internet

I recently added an anthropology class that has a semester long project. For the first homework assignment we were to research and answer questions about a certain culture that we were assigned. Like a normal student of the 21st century, of course I went on the Internet to search about my culture. After hours of frustration, I realized that there is not much information out there about my culture. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I thought the Internet was for people to have easy access to information. But, unfortunately I realized that I actually had to go to the library and find books. I have not done this since elementary school, and I was reluctant to accept that I actually had to go to the library. This project forced me to time travel back to when the Internet doesn’t exist and look up books, find their floor in the library, and search the shelves. Although it was ridiculously easy to find books in the library, I grew up in the generation of technology and think that all the information out there should be on the Internet. Our generation has become lazy to where we think that everything should be provided for us with easy access. But who says that is a bad thing?

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