Icy Conditions

Due to the lack of snow and the warm weather, the campus has become an ice arena. Numerous people have slipped, hurting not only their body but also their dignity. The best one was a girl who figured that she could shuffle her way down and hill covered with complete ice. She started slow and methodical, but as she started down the hill her pace began to increase and she starts running down the hill. She finally looses her grip and it looks as if she is sliding to home base. It was great, but the biggest disappointment is when you see something like this and you are the only one who witnesses it. I couldn’t help but laugh until the next day where I fall in front of multiple people. Fortunately no one acknowledged my fall and I went on my way as if nothing happened. Although I enjoy seeing people fall, there either needs to be extremely warm weather so the ice melt or a major snowstorm to cover all of it.

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