Back in the 802

Vacation was great, no homework or stress. I got to catch up with my old friends, sleep in every day, and see my family. But coming home after being in college is ridiculously boring, or at least from my hometown. There is absolutely nothing to do, especially in the winter. In addition you have to go from living by yourself back to your parents rules and nagging. Going from complete indepenece to structure. Needless to say I was ready to come back as soon as possible. Although I am not completely ready to start classes, being back at school is much more eventfull then being home. The winter is going to make this semester interesting, with trying to balance time for homework and time for going to the mountain. It also makes it ridiculously cold where nobody wants to leave their dorm in order to stay warm. But I will gladly accept the winter and finally say its good to be back in the 802.

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