Naked Bike Ride

Posted in Uncategorized on May 3, 2012 by Tyler

The naked bike ride is a tradition at UVM where people strip down and do laps around campus. It has become less of a bike ride and more of a run, but the fact that people are naked hasn’t changed. First semester I had to go see what the NBR was, I knew I wasn’t going to participate but I had to watch. It was probably the most interesting thing I’ve seen at UVM so far, I have never seen so many naked people in my life. After watching I knew I had to participate at least one time while I was at UVM, but said that I was going to probably senior year. As the end of the semester approached, people started talking about doing it and I kept saying that I wasn’t going. But yesterday was the day of the event and I finally decided to do it. And as of ┬álast night I am proud to say that I ran naked on campus. You would think that I would be really weird, but as you’re running the people standing there watching are the weird ones. I encourage everyone to participate because when will you ever get the chance to run naked in public again? (at least legally)

Almost There

Posted in Uncategorized on April 17, 2012 by Tyler

Freshman year has gone by fast, so fast that the school year is already almost over. I feel like it was a month ago that I just moved into the dorms and started here at UVM. The weather has started to get warmer, my classes are wrapping up, and school work is getting old. I am excited for the school year to be over because that means slacking off and enjoying the summer. But going home isn’t as good as being in Burlington. There is so much more to do here than back home, I have to go back to my parents house, and start trying to find a summer job. No matter what summer will be the much needed break from the first year at UVM and I know in a couple months I will once again return to the 802.

Admitted Students Everywhere

Posted in Uncategorized on February 23, 2012 by Tyler

It’s that time of year when prospective students are getting accepted and start touring universities trying to figure out where they want to spend their next 4 years. I remember last year when I had tour the universities I got accepted to, seeing all of the students and trying to picture myself as one of them. But now I am a student at UVM and it’s weird to see tour groups. For some reason, when students see a tour group there is some sort of a fascination. I cannot help but look over towards them and think about when that was me. You can always tell when they are visiting students because they always have that green tote bag, pamphlets, and their parents tagging along with them. They either look confused, disoriented, or pissed off at their parents. Everyone always has the desire to do something crazy in front of the tour groups to make an everlasting impression, whether good or bad. And as much as everyone complains how crowded the buildings get at this time of year, I think everyone enjoys seeing the possible new freshmen at UVM. The university has a lot more touring days to come, which means should prepare ourselves for admitted students everywhere.

Back to the Days without the Internet

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2012 by Tyler

I recently added an anthropology class that has a semester long project. For the first homework assignment we were to research and answer questions about a certain culture that we were assigned. Like a normal student of the 21st century, of course I went on the Internet to search about my culture. After hours of frustration, I realized that there is not much information out there about my culture. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I thought the Internet was for people to have easy access to information. But, unfortunately I realized that I actually had to go to the library and find books. I have not done this since elementary school, and I was reluctant to accept that I actually had to go to the library. This project forced me to time travel back to when the Internet doesn’t exist and look up books, find their floor in the library, and search the shelves. Although it was ridiculously easy to find books in the library, I grew up in the generation of technology and think that all the information out there should be on the Internet. Our generation has become lazy to where we think that everything should be provided for us with easy access. But who says that is a bad thing?

Icy Conditions

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 by Tyler

Due to the lack of snow and the warm weather, the campus has become an ice arena. Numerous people have slipped, hurting not only their body but also their dignity. The best one was a girl who figured that she could shuffle her way down and hill covered with complete ice. She started slow and methodical, but as she started down the hill her pace began to increase and she starts running down the hill. She finally looses her grip and it looks as if she is sliding to home base. It was great, but the biggest disappointment is when you see something like this and you are the only one who witnesses it. I couldn’t help but laugh until the next day where I fall in front of multiple people. Fortunately no one acknowledged my fall and I went on my way as if nothing happened. Although I enjoy seeing people fall, there either needs to be extremely warm weather so the ice melt or a major snowstorm to cover all of it.

Back in the 802

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2012 by Tyler

Vacation was great, no homework or stress. I got to catch up with my old friends, sleep in every day, and see my family. But coming home after being in college is ridiculously boring, or at least from my hometown. There is absolutely nothing to do, especially in the winter. In addition you have to go from living by yourself back to your parents rules and nagging. Going from complete indepenece to structure. Needless to say I was ready to come back as soon as possible. Although I am not completely ready to start classes, being back at school is much more eventfull then being home. The winter is going to make this semester interesting, with trying to balance time for homework and time for going to the mountain. It also makes it ridiculously cold where nobody wants to leave their dorm in order to stay warm. But I will gladly accept the winter and finally say its good to be back in the 802.

Finals Week=No Stress

Posted in Uncategorized on December 12, 2011 by Tyler

Finals week means for many students a time for panic, stress, and no sleep. In high school I didn’t have to take finals, so I came to college expecting a ridiculous week of constant stress and no sleep. But luckily, my exam schedule worked out to be easy and relaxed. One of my classes doesn’t even have a final. That leaves three exams, two on Tuesday and one on Thursday. People keep telling me to study hard and feel the pressure, I have people telling me to be more stressed than I am. But with no classes or homework, all there is to do is study. Studying 6 hours a day is good enough for me, which leaves plenty of time to enjoy my stress free week. Then comes christmas break, a month of being home with no school. Why would I feel the pressure?

Thanking the Pilgrims

Posted in Uncategorized on November 11, 2011 by Tyler

It is one week until thanksgiving break and it can’t come any faster. It has been three months of non stop schoolwork. Okay, maybe I took my own breaks in those three months, but we have not had a day off from school since Irene. This is the season where I thank the pilgrims because if it wasn’t for them, we probably wouldn’t have a break in November, get to eat an enormous home cooked meal. Although I am going to be on vacation, I still have to write two papers due after vacation and finals are only two weeks away after vacation. But, all that work is worth it because then we have Christmas break which is a month with no school work. This is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

No More Cramming

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31, 2011 by Tyler

Midterm week was pretty rough. The week consists of a lot of stressing out, cramming, and trying to get some sleep. It is the week where I realize that I am in panic mode because I’m trying to memorize the past 2 months work. Then I get to the day of the test and come to the conclusion that it wasn’t too bad so my studying payed off. The week after midterms is the time to finally relax; the work in classes is back to normal and there is more downtime to hang out and less time studying. And if I thought midterm week was bad, finals week is going to be much more painful.

Time Warp

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2011 by Tyler

For some reason, it seems like time is not the same in college. I can watch a TV show for what seems like 10 minutes and it has been two hours. However, when I am writing an essay, what feels a half an hour is 3 hours. Because of this, my time management is completely thrown off. Don’t get me wrong, I sill get my work done. But the change in time messes with my brain. Yesterday feels like a week ago and last week seems like a month ago. Why? I don’t know. And I’m wondering if it’s just the adjustment to college life or it’s normal. All I know is that time needs to readjust.

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