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Food Evolution, criticism, and retrenchment: Missed opportunities for discussion

By Terence Bradshaw, Ph.D. There’s a new documentary film out now, “Food Evolution”, that is reported to be a potential game-changer on the public perception and acceptance of genetically engineered (GE, or oversimplified as GMOs) crops. I haven’t seen the … Continue reading

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Just a quick debunking post: Glyphosate and ‘toxic wheat’

Here we go again. It’s not scary Monsanto Gasmask Man, but it does feature Crop Sprayer Bad Guy. And more of the same misinformation. My explanation is below- this isn’t meant to be a dissertation or groundbreaking, blow-up-the-internet post, just … Continue reading

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Agvocates: It’s your turn to stop the mud slinging

I wrote a blog post recently that criticized the use of graphic, inaccurate imagery in opposing GMOs and pesticides, and explained why doing so is offensive to farmers. Of anything I have written professionally on social media, this has been … Continue reading

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Monsanto Gas Mask Man: Activist imagery and its meaning to farmers

Edit: a few clarifying edits were made after initial publication. Also, a second, related essay was posted to call out hypocrisy and lazy thinking among the modern-agriculture advocates. Recently I had a spat with a colleague over what I thought … Continue reading

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