Works in progress

Here is a matrix to help me track my ongoing research projects.

Last edit 2018-01-02

Research project goal: Submit 1 paper monthly.

+ tables
IRB Have data Analysis 1st
jrnl 1
jrnl 2
Revision Submit
jrnl 3+
004L  x  x  x  x  x  x ASAP Next up for
004b  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x x, await
004e  x  x  x  x  x  x Late Sept  Submit after
020 N/a  x N/a N/a  x  x  x  x  x  x Regroup
021 Draft of tables, circulated
to core group 9/12.
Await feedback
x nov!!
024 x x x x x x x x x, await


x  make tables ASAP


Start analysis plan


Start analysis plan


 x, sent to M to look at and send to G N/a  x x=abstract

[ ]=paper



 x, if 022k1 is okay, revise and send to M


  • g002 – need to come up with project idea after getting out 022h/k papers.
  • g009 – LOI submitted, full submission due Dec 15 if accepted – not invited
  • g010 –  Submitted, awaiting scoring/funding. – Provisionally funded!!
  • g003 – due mid-Nov. Ran out of time. Retry next year.
  • g005 – written by N. Not scored. Resubmit in the future?
  • g006 – need to get feedback and biosketch back to D 1/15/2018


Jan 2018:

  • Overall month goals:
    • g006 – send biosketch and feedback back to D
    • 032 – amendment for IRB (form downloaded), M IRB

Dec 2017:

  • Overall month goals:
    • 022k1
      • Connect with biostats (L)
      • Write initial draft (esp figures)
    • o22k2
      • Connect with biostats (L)
      • Write initial draft (esp figures)
    • 022b
      • Connect with biostats (I)
      • Write initial draft (esp figures)
    • 004L
      • circulate manuscript, submit
    •  021
      • Get data from data manager
      • Prepare abstract to submit to SGIM
      • Prepare full manuscript
    • Deidentified requests
  • Week-by-week:
    • Week 1
      • Score SGIM things. – done
      • Circulate 004L pre-submission draft. – started
    • Week 2 –
      • Finish 004L pre-submission draft

Nov 2017:

  • Overall month goals:
    • 024 – submit – DONE
    • 021 –
      • connect with data manager at JHU – didn’t get to this
      • update available data (11/1 email) – done
      • write initial draft, circulate – done
    • 004L – circulate draft, submit next month. – didn’t get to this.
    • g003 – submit (work on during plane ride?) – Ran out of time
    • submit deidentified requests
  • Week-by-week:
    • Week 1 – Finished g010. clinic x2
    • Week 2 – Clinic, revised 024, AHA, got new computer/office.
    • Week 3 – AHA, revised 024 again 2/2 new guidelines, submitted. circulated 021 draft to 2nd author.
    • Week 4 – clinic, holiday
    • Week 5 – clinic, sick kid, reviewed other grant, mandatory meetings, moved offices, WJC-intensive because of spambots.
  • End-of-month reflection:
    • Holiday and sick kid ate up a lot of my productivity time. Not much that I can do about the sick kid.
    • Pleased with how 024 came together.
    • Spambots drive me bonkers.
    • Have office finally set up. Setting up the computer took much more time that I’d like. I’m optimistic that it’ll be a productive place to work.

Oct 2017:

  • Look-back from November (didn’t actively edit during October given focus on grant):
    • Week 1 – Clinic, visiting professor, prepare for conference, worked on grant g010, submitted 022k1 to AHA
    • Week 2 – Clinic, executive committee meeting
    • Week 3 – nocturnist, worked on grant g010
    • Week 4 – Worked on grant g010
    • Week 5 – Submitted grant g010, revisions of 024
  • End-of-month reflection:
    • Writing of the grant took the anticipated amount of time but aspects external to grant (getting letters, connecting with collaborators) took much, much more time than anticipated.
    • Nocturnist work is at odds with productivity given sleep schedule changes. Not sure how to fix other than treat these blocks as ‘vacation’-esque.
    • Executive committee meeting was very high yield.

Sept 2017:

  • Overall month goals:
    • 004B – Submit to first journal. – done
    • 004L – Finish revisions and submit ASAP so co-writer can have on ERAS.
    • 020 – Set up a call? Find time to revise? Identify journal with theme? Health Affairs maybe.
    • 022b,i,k – make tables, send out revisions.
    • 031a,b – work to get proposal and tables out as fast as humanly possible. – Stopping this project
    • SGIM – Can I go? Workshop? Plan for mHealth project? Hand off to others?
    • g009 – Submit loi if okay with N. – done
    • g010 – Submit loi if okay with N/M. – done
  • Week by week:
    • Week 1 – Holiday. working on g009 initial proposal to get to N Thu AM. Nocturnist x2.
    • Week 2 – Clinic. Drafted figures/tables for 021. Mostly done 031a proposal. Submitted 004b to journal.
    • Week 3 – Clinic. IRB/BioLINCC; more work on 031a. Met with M, putting 031a+b on hold (removed from matrix). 022b,h1,h2,k will be new focus. Revising potential K award based upon mentorship. Circulated and resubmitted 022b proposal, then heavily revised 022b based upon initial feedback.
    • Week 4 – Clinic. Submitted 022B proposal to EC. Circulated 022k1 (now split) figs to M/G.
      • Thu: make blank tables for 022B for I, start analysis plan for 022H1

August 2017:

  • Overall month goals:
    • 004L – complete final revisions, recirculate
    • 004B – email coauthor for final feedback again – done, received
      • Update: revise and final circulation – done
        • Next month: submit
    • 004e – look at feedback from coauthor, integrate edits, recirculate
    • 021 – write outline of study, example tables
    • 024 – rewrite with reanalysis – Done
      • Update: circulate – Done
        • up-update: re-rewrite
        • Next month: submit
    • 022b – circulate proposal – Done
    • 031 – figure out if this is a good study when collab back from trip
  • Week by week:
    • Week 1 – clinic, hospitalist x1, mandatories, US meetings
    • Week 2 – clinic, 004L revised and circulated. 004B feedback received
    • Week 3 – clinic, reviewed/provided figures for 005, completed 022b proposal, started 022i proposal
    • Week 4 – clinic, 024 revised draft (found dropping error), 022i continued, 022k started, ended 030B project
    • Week 5  – clinic, presubmission 004b, signed up for meetings, 022b proposal okay’ed. 022k tables made.
      • Goals:
        • 022k tables
        • g009 outline
        • 021 tables, recirculate
        • 004L revise, recirculate
  • End of month reflection:
    • Better time mgmt, goals not accomplished were because of new, interesting projects competing for time.
    • Need to get clinic prep done more gradually throughout the week rather than all at once.
    • WJC meeting prep time needs to happen in off-hours, not during usual work day. Incredibly pleased with new editorial plan.
    • Better use of early time with wonderful momentum on those days, sick kid kept me up many nights though, eating into my early AM work time. For days with “normal” workday starts, need to build momentum from the get-go.
    • I said no to a project (030B), which was a unique experience for me.

July 2017:

  • Goals:
    • 004L – complete revisions, send to coauthors – most revisions finished
    • 004B – Submit with approval of all coauthors – awaiting feedback from one author still
    • 024 – finish reanalyses per Ben, rewrite, recirculate – completed analyses
  • Week by week:
    • Week 1: Vacation
    • Week 2: Vacation
    • Week 3: Clinic, orientation to faculty
    • Week 4: Clinic, hospitalist x2, set up office, 030 project initial meetings, start generic manuscript sheet, set up manuscript/research project overview and plans
  • End of  month reflection:
    • Need to break down manuscript steps into individual stages
    • Not enough early morning work time (given late night shifts)
    • More time than expected preparing for clinic and following up afterwards