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WordPress Upgrade

UVM Blogs (blog.uvm.edu) has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.  Some highlights:

  • The media manager has been overhauled and is much, much better and easier to use.  Want to add a bunch of images to a post?  Just drag them all at once from your hard drive into the media manager and tell it to include them.  Want to include multiple photo galleries in a post? Just choose which images you want, and sort them however you want by dragging and dropping.
  • You can now embed content from SoundCloud, SlideShare, and Instagram, just like you already could with a number of video and photo sharing sites in the past.  Simply copy the URL for the page with your content onto a line by itself, and WordPress will figure out how to embed it for you.
  • New sites no longer have a Links section, since few people keep a blogroll anymore.
  • A couple preferences have moved to different screens than before. However, I think they’ve moved to more intuitive places anyway, so with luck you won’t even notice. 🙂

If you encounter problems or have questions, just let SAA know and we’ll see what we can do.

WordPress 3.1

With the upgrade of UVM Blogs to WordPress 3.1, you’ll notice several changes that are aimed at making blogging even easier than before.

New Admin Bar

WordPress sports an attractive new admin bar at the top of the screen with direct links to frequently-used actions.

Note that several options may be in slightly different places from the old admin bar.

Links Between Posts

With a long overdue addition, it is now much easier to create links between posts and pages on your site.  When editing a post, select the text that you would like to turn into a link, click the chain link icon, and expand the bottom of the “Insert/edit link” window to see a list of pages and posts to choose from.

Theme Selection

When you are choosing a theme for your site, it is now possible to filter the available themes by their features.  Simply click the “Feature Filter” option on the Manage Themes page.

If you can’t find a theme that meets your needs, talk with the CTL or SAA groups and we’ll see what we can do.

Less Clutter

Many lesser-used post options are now hidden by default, making for a less confusing blogging experience.  If you need these options back, you can turn them on from the Screen Options control in the upper right corner of the edit screen.

New Blog Theme: UVM 2010

A new theme, “UVM 2010”, has been made available with the look of of recently updated UVM main web site.

UVM 2010 Screenshot

This theme builds on the features of “UVM 2008”, and includes color variants, a small gallery of included banner images to choose from (or you can upload your own), three customizable widget areas, support for the new WordPress 3.0 custom menus, and several other visual preferences.

UVM 2010 Banner Gallery

Blogs using “UVM 2008” are being upgraded to the new theme, and will preserve the existing theme preferences.  Please let us know if you encounter issues.

UVM Blogs upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1

The UVM blogs service, blog.uvm.edu, has been upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1. This new version supports custom post types and easily created menus, the blog admin pages have been streamlined and now have a better help system, and many other things have been improved. For an overview, watch this:

In addition, WordPress 3.0 includes a great new theme that shows off its features, “Twenty Ten”.
Twenty Ten

If you encounter any problems following this upgrade, please let us know.