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Week 7: Announcements and Tutors Needed

TUTOR TRAC IS FIXED!!!! Please visit the tutor blog here for the revised directions on how to enter your time. Please note that if you have a problem please do not submit incomplete lognotes. I have to go back and fix them by hand. (Which is not fun!)
Tutors Needed: If you can tutor any of the courses below please email me and also obtain a faculty recommendation using our online form
1. Phil 003
2. BIO 223
3. BSAD 118
4. Phil 004
5. ASTR 005
6. BIO 004
5. REL 023
1. Directions for tutor trac can also be found on the Subject-Area tutor blog:
2. The next payroll is is on Monday March 8! You will be on spring break so make sure your hours are entered into peoplesoft and your lognotes are on tutor trac before you leave! Have a fantastic spring break.
3. You are receiving this message because you are an active tutor. If you would like to be removed from the list please email me to let me know!
Payroll Dates
Time submission and lognotes deadline: Sunday, March 7
Next payday: Friday, March 12
New Logging Hours Instructions: Download file

Tutor Trac Instructions

Tutor trac is fixed! I have revised the step-by-step instructions for entering your hours.
Some reminders:
– Remember EACH time you tutor you will need to enter your time into two places: Peoplesoft and Tutor Trac.
– Do not submit incomplete lognotes. If you leave off the student name, course, time/date, or your name I have to go back and fix it by hand.
– The first time you log into Tutor Trac you have to accept a security certificate. You will also have to set up your preferences in order to have full access to the site.
– If you have any questions at all please email Patience or call 802-656-4075
Revised instructions for Tutor Trac can be downloaded here: here

Tutor Trac

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