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Tutor Updates


I know those exams have started for many of you out there, so I hope everyone is managing well. We just got a first order of fresh Vermont apples here in the Learning Co-op; feel free to stop by and grab one.

We’ve been seeing a lot of students coming in to request tutors this week. Remember everyone: let me know if your schedule is full. We don’t want to refer students to you, if you’re just going to tell them you’re busy! It’s best for everyone if you tell me earlier rather than later.

I only have two big points for you this week:

First, I received an email with an opportunity for you all looking for another job. An organization called ‘Let’s Get Ready’ has opened a site at South Burlington High School, where high schoolers prepare for the SATs. They are looking for, “responsible, competent college students”. The schedules are steady, and the work is pretty in-line with what you all do as tutors. You can find more information here:

Second, we have a number of courses for which we are looking for tutors. If you, or someone you knows can work with any of these, let me know!

ANTH 031
ANTH 174
BCOR 102
BIOC 212
BSAD 060
BSAD 180
CDAE 254
CHEM 161
EE 131
FOR 185
FREN 109
GEOG 040
GRK 001
HST 012
LAT 051
LING 166
MATH 237
MATH 241
MATH 251
ME 209
MMG 001
MMG 065
PHIL 013
PHYS 031
PSYC 230
PSS 161
RMS 213
SPAN 101
STAT 221

Tutor Updates


Happy Friday! We have made it through our first week of tutoring. Thanks to everyone who met with students this week.

First of all, this weekend is a payroll deadline. Make sure to have all of your hours in PeopleSoft and your visits logged in TutorTrac by midnight on Sunday.

Second, if you haven’t complete the Preventing Sexual Harassment training, you should. The first date of the semester has been announced. That will be on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, from 11:00 to 12:00. It will meet in the Frank Livak Room (417) in the Davis Center. There’s no need to pre-register; just show up. That is paid time, so let me know if you are attending. If you are unable, keep an eye out, as I’ll send out more dates when they are announced.

Tutors with Co-op hours: remember to check in with the front desk staff. We have plenty of new employees all around the Co-op, and it’s useful for everyone to know each other. Remember to write your name on the whiteboard outside of your work space. Also, it’s really helpful to greet your student in the lobby area. Sometimes, students don’t know you’re already waiting in the cubicle!

Finally, we have plenty of requests for courses for which we currently have no eligible tutors. If you are able to work with any of these, or you know someone who might be, let me know. Here they are:
EC 172, STAT 200, FREN 109, CHEM 161, HST 012, MATH 017, MATH 015, MMG 001, CDAE 254, PHIL 013, PSS 161, RMS 213, FOR 185, BIOC 212, ANTH 174, STAT 221

Bonus: a senior at Southern New Hampshire University is working on a senior project that looks at tutoring (!). She has asked I send out this link to you in order for you to complete her survey. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and it helps a fellow student conduct research! Help a peer out:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


First update of the year!


Hello again! This is the first of my regular Friday emails this semester. We’ll be having our start of the semester meetings next week. I will offer two, but you only need to attend one.

  • Tuesday, August 26th, in L/L A161 at 5:30
  • Wednesday, August 27th, in Lafayette 111 at 7:30

We’ll be reviewing all the basic policies around tutoring, as well as completing the paperwork. I will collect availability from those of you who would like to have Co-op appointments. If you are unable to attend either meeting, please let me know. We will have to find another time to meet.

In the mean time, you should consider adding new courses for which you might be eligible to tutor. You can do that by having your instructor complete the form following this link:

Let me know if there are any issues, or if you have any questions. I’ll see you all next week. Mark your calendars: tutoring begins Monday, September 8th.


Spring Training


At the initial meetings at the start of the semester, I mentioned some changes to the tutoring position here in the Learning Co-op. I wanted to share some more information about the training that will go on this semester and encourage you all to consider it.

The training is designed to help develop the abilities of Learning Co-op tutors to discuss and work with studying and learning generally. It will be practically minded, and focused on group work around realistic tutoring scenarios. We assume that tutors already possess a comprehension and confidence in their particular field(s) of study, and our goal is to fill the gaps.

Topics of discussion will be those most important to building a successful study system: motivation, time management, note-taking, critical reading, preparing for exams, test-taking strategies, technology, and learning strategies. There will be scheduled meeting times, as well as some responsibilities outside of those sessions such as readings, videos, and relevant activities.

All the time is paid, and participation prioritizes tutors for several different opportunities: first chance at selecting Co-op tutoring hours in the fall, SI leader positions, recitation leader positions, and Learning at UVM group session leaders. If earning money and or gaining experience are your goals, then you should strongly consider attending.

The sessions will be meeting 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Wednesdays, starting March 12 and ending April 9. We are looking for individuals who can commit to all five meetings, however, we understand that your schedules are complicated. If you are interested, but unable to attend some or all of the sessions, be sure to let me know. There may be other possibilities.

I am looking for those who are interested to contact me by the end of next week (Friday, February 14).

Let me know if you have any questions about this. Have a great weekend!


December 6, 2013


I hope this email finds you well. Exams are underway, and I know you must be face-deep in those text books. I wish you all the best of luck with finals.

As you should all know, tutoring ended on Wednesday. Unless we had discussed an extenuating circumstance, no tutoring should go on duringĀ  finals. No time will be approved after December 4th, unless you had prior approval.

This weekend is the final pay deadline for subject area tutors. Please make sure that all of your hours are in PeopleSoft, and all of your visits are accurately recorded in TutorTrac before Sunday at midnight. If you don’t get time in, you may not be paid until you return in January. For that reason, if you have any questions at all about PeopleSoft or TutorTrac, do let me know.

We have updated TutorTrac. The good news: you shouldn’t receive any more messages regarding the security of the site. The bad news: if you had the site bookmarked, you will have to redo that. The URL is:

I hope you all have a fantastic break. For those of you graduating, congratulations and fare well. For those of you going on to internships or studying abroad, enjoy yourselves, and hopefully we’ll see you soon. For those of you here in the spring, you should get an email from me in January about an all-tutor meeting. Keep an eye out for it.


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