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First post of the semester!


This is the first of my regular emails to you all. I will try to keep them infrequent, and brief, but this is the best way to communicate with all of you at the same time, so please DO read the emails I send out.

Firstly, I have attached an up-to-date schedule for Co-op appointment availability. If you have hours in the Co-op, check the schedule, and make sure it’s accurate. If there are issues, you need to let me know as soon as possible.

Next, tutoring starts on Monday. Some of you may have already gotten emails, or appointments made for your Co-op hours. Remember, each session needs to be recorded in TutorTrac. You can’t be paid for time unless there is a session in TutorTrac; if you have any questions, let me know. Here are some things to keep in mind:
-Know your resources. The professor is the best resource for a student. You should always encourage a student to visit office hours. Also, keep in mind                 Learning Skills tutors, writing tutors, TAs, departmental help sessions, SI sessions, and the like, whenever applicable.
-Professional tutoring does NOT include: complaining about professors, other tutors, or Learning Co-op staff; texting or talking on your phone; arriving late             to or leaving early from a session, unless previously negotiated; working on graded assignments (unless arranged with an instructor).
-One individual appointment per week, per subject. No exceptions to this policy, but group sessions are unlimited.
If the expectations for you as a tutor are at all unclear to you, please come in and talk to me.

The next payroll submission deadline (all PeopleSoft and TutorTrac records) is Sunday, September 15 at midnight. Any time that doesn’t match between systems, or not submitted by then, will not be approved. Your pay will be delayed until the next pay period. Be sure to clear up any confusion by then (or earlier, of course).

Finally, here are some course requests which we currently cannot accommodate. If you, or perhaps someone you know, can work with one or more of these courses, let me know. As of right now, these are the courses we are trying to cover:
BIOL 217, STAT 200, CS 008, CS 021, SPAN 052

Many thanks,


For everyone: Sunday at midnight is the usual deadline for payroll submissions. Get your things together. This is an important deadline, as it’s the last one which will provide a paycheck while you’re still around campus. Especially if you won’t be around Burlington, but generally for everyone, take special care in making sure to get all of your hours in with no issues. If you do any work next week, and you don’t have direct deposit, you’ll need to make arrangements to get your check.

For tutors returning in the fall: you should make sure to communicate to professors shortly after final grades are in about faculty recommendations for the fall. It’s a lot easier for instructors to talk about you immediately after the class finishes, as opposed to after a long summer. Professors forget things too, so make it easy on them and send that link to them in May instead of September.

Remember, we are all done tutoring after Wednesday, May 1st. Tutoring will continue as usual through Wednesday, but we will not do any more tutoring during finals. That includes weekends and reading days.

Good luck on those early finals!

Many thanks,


Happy Friday. Fun fact: did you know we are already 1/3 of the way through the semester? I didn’t until just now. Time sure does fly.

I hope everyone is doing well. This week will be a short email. I have a few notes on our upcoming schedules, and the usual tutor requests.

Monday is a holiday. Campus-wide appointments proceed as usual, but the Learning Co-op, and all Co-op based hours will be canceled on Monday. We WILL be open normal hours on Sunday, so Co-op tutors who work on Sunday should keep this in mind!

Spring Break is rapidly approaching. Unless you’ve already discussed it with me, Co-op hours will run as usual until Friday. The Co-op will be closed from 5:00 pm on Friday, March 1st until 10:00 am Monday, March 11th. If there is any issue with your Co-op hours and your plans for break, let me know.

Tutor Requests: BSAD 162, EC 135, NFS 033, PHYS 009, GEOL 062, MATH 173, MATH 241, EC 240, BCOR 103
Let me know if you can help with any of these.


Final post of the semester


Classes are over, tutoring is over, and finals are upon us. I wish everyone the very best of luck on their final exams. I hope everyone enjoys the last days of the semester. Here are the all the end-of-semester matters we need to consider.

  • We will have an all tutor meeting on Sunday, January 13th, from 5:00 to 7:00 in L/L 315. We’ll go over some housekeeping briefly, procedure and policy reminders mostly. We also have the good fortune of having a really great presenter coming in to talk to us. If it’s possible, all tutors should be there. We’ll get some pizzas, too, so take advantage of the free food. I understand it’s the day a lot of you might be returning to Burlington/campus, so if you can’t make it, send me an email.
  • First, everyone should attend to updating their own course information. When your final grades come back to you, for any course with a B+ or higher with which you wouldn’t mind working, you should send the link to the recommendation form to your professor. This, of course, isn’t required, but cuts down work for everyone once the semester starts. If you have any questions about what courses you have on file or whether or not a particular course might be needed, send me an email.
  • Our first day of tutoring in the spring is Tuesday, January 22nd. I am in the process of working on our Co-op schedule for the spring. If you haven’t already contacted me about it, and you are interested in having regular, weekly hours here in the Co-op, you should let me know about it. Remember, we’re open 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday, and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sunday. Sessions start and end on the hour (you can’t start at 3:30, for example). The schedule will be filled first come, first served. However, please don’t send in times you might need to change right away.
  • I am also looking to find some tutors who might be interested in leading some group tutoring sessions. These sessions typically meet once per week, somewhere on campus. The sections which I am looking to fill are MATH 009-121; BSAD 060; BSAD 061; EC 011; EC 012; PHYS 012; PSYC 001; NFS 043; and CHEM 026. Contact me if you have any questions and might be interested.
  • If you have Federal Work Study, and have not selected to use it for your time at the Co-op this semester, but would like to do so in the spring, you need to let me know so that I can hire you in the FWS system.
  • Lastly, about half of our current tutors will be graduating next May. I will be busy this coming spring recruiting new tutors. If you have friends, classmates, coworkers, teammates, roommates, suitemates, or acquaintances who might make good tutors, you should encourage them to apply. Feel free to encourage them to contact me directly if they have any questions.

Finally, have a great break! Enjoy the time off! Enjoy the holidays!

Many thanks,


This is mostly just a reminder for the payroll submission deadline this weekend. Remember, the following need to be done before Sunday at midnight:

  • submit hours worked via PeopleSoft
  • complete creating and modifying all TutorTrac appointments
  • complete and submit all work summary reports (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)
  • submit all attendance sign-in sheets (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)

As usual, if you have any questions about these things, let me know

Here are the recent tutor requests for which we do not have a tutor. If you have taken any of these courses and might able to tutor it, you should let me know.

NR 104
CDAE 002, 157, 168, 266
BIOL 003
CS 031
MATH 173
HDFS 005
GRK 001
GEOG 060
PHIL 010
SWSS 220, 229
CHEM 121