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December 6, 2013


I hope this email finds you well. Exams are underway, and I know you must be face-deep in those text books. I wish you all the best of luck with finals.

As you should all know, tutoring ended on Wednesday. Unless we had discussed an extenuating circumstance, no tutoring should go on during  finals. No time will be approved after December 4th, unless you had prior approval.

This weekend is the final pay deadline for subject area tutors. Please make sure that all of your hours are in PeopleSoft, and all of your visits are accurately recorded in TutorTrac before Sunday at midnight. If you don’t get time in, you may not be paid until you return in January. For that reason, if you have any questions at all about PeopleSoft or TutorTrac, do let me know.

We have updated TutorTrac. The good news: you shouldn’t receive any more messages regarding the security of the site. The bad news: if you had the site bookmarked, you will have to redo that. The URL is:

I hope you all have a fantastic break. For those of you graduating, congratulations and fare well. For those of you going on to internships or studying abroad, enjoy yourselves, and hopefully we’ll see you soon. For those of you here in the spring, you should get an email from me in January about an all-tutor meeting. Keep an eye out for it.



Hello, Tutors–

TutorTrac is currently down.  Since you will be unable to check your schedules, if you are scheduled to work in the Co-op, please come in!  We have no way of checking whether or not you have an appointment prior to the session start time.

Also, we will need to keep track of all sessions using a paper session record system today.  Both Co-op based and Campus-Wide appointments will need to be recorded using this paper system!  Detailed instructions as to how this will work can be found on the blog here:

Thank you!


Payroll Forms and Procedures: What Do You Need to Record a Session?

Hi, everybody!

Just wanted to let you all know that TutorTrac is back and fully operational (we hope) as of today. You may disregard the paper scheduling system and, as per usual, record your sessions in the following manner:

For Campus-Wide Appointments:

1. Create a “Quick Visit” in TutorTrac to create a record of the session. Be sure to fill in all of the fields.

2. Enter the hours you have worked into PeopleSoft. Be sure they match the date and number of sessions you have reported in TutorTrac.

For Co-op Based Appointments:

1. Be sure to check your schedule on TutorTrac no more than an hour before your scheduled availability.

2. When you meet with a student, return to your schedule to mark the session as attended and to complete your notes in the session record.

3. Enter the hours you have worked into PeopleSoft. Be sure they match the date and number of sessions you have reported in TutorTrac.

For Drop-In Group Tutors and SI Leaders:

1. You will need to have all students sign an attendance sheet for each session you have. We will log the sessions into TutorTrac here in the Learning Co-op; you do not need to do this.

2. You will need to submit a work summary report before the end of each pay period.

3. Enter the hours you have worked into PeopleSoft. Be sure they match the date and number of sessions you have reported in TutorTrac and on your work summary report.

For Work-Study Tutors:

1. Follow the directions as indicated above.

2. For Co-op based appointments, remember you are required to show up and get paid for all availabilities, even if no one schedules an appointment with you.

3. You will need to complete a paper work summary report (found by the printer and on the blog) each week and submit it to Rachel.

4. You will need to enter your hours into PeopleSoft weekly.


Thanks, and have a great first week on tutoring!

Tutor Trac Scheduling

Hello, All–

I just wanted to send along a quick reminder regarding Tutor Trac and the Co-op based tutoring schedule.  If there is a problem with your schedule on Tutor Trac, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.  While it is very important to inform the front desk employees of these issues for the smooth functioning of the Co-op, they cannot fix scheduling problems in Tutor Trac for you.  They can cancel appointments and can tell you what is on your schedule, but the cannot amend your availability.  Just a reminder to bring any issues of that nature directly to me.  Many thanks.


Tutor Trac Instructions

Tutor trac is fixed! I have revised the step-by-step instructions for entering your hours.
Some reminders:
– Remember EACH time you tutor you will need to enter your time into two places: Peoplesoft and Tutor Trac.
– Do not submit incomplete lognotes. If you leave off the student name, course, time/date, or your name I have to go back and fix it by hand.
– The first time you log into Tutor Trac you have to accept a security certificate. You will also have to set up your preferences in order to have full access to the site.
– If you have any questions at all please email Patience or call 802-656-4075
Revised instructions for Tutor Trac can be downloaded here: here

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