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Faculty Recommendation Form

To obtain the necessary faculty recommendation to work as a Subject-Area Tutor in the Learning Co-op, or to add a new class to the list of courses you can tutor, send the following link to your Professor for the course.  A survey will appear when it is opened and, upon completion, the finished recommendation will be automatically sent to the Learning Co-op.

If you or your professor have any difficulty with completing the recommendation, please contact Rachel Conrad, Tutor Program Coordinator (656-7841/

SI Observation Template

Hello, All–

Newly hired SI Leaders will be completing observations of sessions with current leaders as part of their training.  Please completed the following Observation Record to log your training.  SI Leader Observation Record 030911

Tutor Trac Instructions

Tutor trac is fixed! I have revised the step-by-step instructions for entering your hours.
Some reminders:
– Remember EACH time you tutor you will need to enter your time into two places: Peoplesoft and Tutor Trac.
– Do not submit incomplete lognotes. If you leave off the student name, course, time/date, or your name I have to go back and fix it by hand.
– The first time you log into Tutor Trac you have to accept a security certificate. You will also have to set up your preferences in order to have full access to the site.
– If you have any questions at all please email Patience or call 802-656-4075
Revised instructions for Tutor Trac can be downloaded here: here

New Tutor Training Packet

In case you misplace your packet from new tutor training and would like to refer back to it, another copy can be found here:
Download file

Tutee Agreement

The Tutee Agreement should be gone over with your tutee the first time that you meet with them. It contains valuable information about both the tutee’s and your own responsibilities. Also, the second page of the form has places for you to record information about your tutee that will make it easier to look them up on Tutor Trac later.
The Tutee Agreement Form:

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