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Payroll Forms and Procedures (Emergency Paper System)

Hello, All–

As long as TutorTrac is down, we will need to keep track of sessions using a paper recording model.  For each session, you will need to complete a Session Record.  At the end of each pay period, you will need to submit a Work Summary Report along with your session records.  The hours listed on the Work Summary Report will need to match the hours you enter in PeopleSoft.  For a more complete summary of the paper recording system, look HERE.

Week Two Updates

Hello, Tutors–

The first day of tutoring is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12.  Both Co-op based and campus-wide appointments will begin on this date.

With the official start of our work together looming close, I have a few announcements and reminders for you.

1. Until further notice, TutorTrac will not be operational during our first week of tutoring.  We have instituted a paper record-keeping system for the interim.  You will need to complete a paper session record (found attached, on the blog, at the Co-op front desk, and in each of the cubicles) for each session you hold with a student.  In addition, you will need to complete a work summary report before each pay period and enter your hours in PeopleSoft.  The time you enter in PeopleSoft will need to match that recorded on your work summary report.

2. In order to begin tutoring this semester, you must complete the online policy reminder survey:

3. If you have received work study funding and would like to be paid using this award for your work in the Learning Co-op, please let me know as soon as possible so I can process your hire in the work study database.

4.  For students being paid using work study funds, you will need to enter your hours in PeopleSoft each week.  Regulations have changed, and you will no longer be able to retroactively add hours.  Furthermore, you will need to complete a work summary report for each week.

5. I am still looking for group tutors interested in leading drop-in sessions for BSAD 60, 61, 65, and 180; Statistics, Biology, and Psychology.  If you are interested, email me to set up a meeting.

6. If you are interested in participating in a conversation with Charlie Rathbone in regard to Universal Design for Learning as a follow-up to our all-tutor meeting, send me an email and let me know when you would be available to attend.



Instructions for Logging Hours in PeopleSoft

Hello, everyone!

In case you need a reminder, I have uploaded instructions detailing how to log your hours in PeopleSoft HERE.

Fall 2011 Payroll Deadlines

School is about to start, and so is tutoring.  Throughout the semester, refer to the Payroll Deadlines, Fall 2011 to enter your hours on time.

Tutor Trac Instructions

Tutor trac is fixed! I have revised the step-by-step instructions for entering your hours.
Some reminders:
– Remember EACH time you tutor you will need to enter your time into two places: Peoplesoft and Tutor Trac.
– Do not submit incomplete lognotes. If you leave off the student name, course, time/date, or your name I have to go back and fix it by hand.
– The first time you log into Tutor Trac you have to accept a security certificate. You will also have to set up your preferences in order to have full access to the site.
– If you have any questions at all please email Patience or call 802-656-4075
Revised instructions for Tutor Trac can be downloaded here: here

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