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Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Many of you are about to begin, if you have not already, interviewing for graduate programs, internships, summer jobs, full-time jobs… any manner of things really.  I thought this short article had some solid advice.  In short, remember to thank the people with whom you interview both as a common courtesy and as a way of indicating your interest in the position.  Good luck!

Also, to further help you all succeed on the job market, the Learning Co-op will be partnering with Career Services to host a resume-writing event.  Your experiences here as a tutor look great on a resume, and the Career Services folks can make sure it looks its best.  I’ll have more details soon regarding the where and when of this event.

The Process (and Politics) of University Teaching

“We assume that telling people things without asking them to actively process them results in learning,” Mr. Wieman said.

This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education has some interesting things to consider concerning methods of teaching and learning at the university level.  As students, and as tutors, you have a unique vantage from which to consider these questions.  How does this effect your own methods of study?  How does it influence the way you structure your work as a tutor?

Study Blue

Hey All–

I know it is summer and you are probably staying as far away from studying as you possibly can, but in case you are still hitting the books, you should try checking out this website:  Study Blue allows you to create a free account, then create online flashcards, upload your notes, and share with other students in your class.  Since you organize notes by your school and the class name, anyone else at UVM enrolled in the same class will be able to view and use your study materials.  Which means you can use their flashcards to study, too.  It is a great way to form “study groups” you can participate in at 3:30 in the morning or to share and compare notes for class.  I type faster than I print, so it was a quick way to make 200+ vocab flashcards to study for the GRE.  And, the site will create quizzes for you to take when it’s time to study.  Check it out!

Hope you’re having amazing summers!  I must admit, the Learning Co-op is awfully quiet without you all around…



Webspiration Online Paper Planning

Hey Hey Hey–

It’s that time of year when you’ll have lots of tests to take and papers to write.  The website “Webspiration” ( is a great resource for brainstorming, outlining, and researching papers.  You can upload or insert citations from programs like EndNote and transform a full color web into an orderly outline with just the click of a button.  It’s great for visual learners and anyone working on a long-term project.

Happy writing!

On-Line Flashcards

Hello, tutors–

As I am sure many of you already know, there are countless study tools available for you on the internet.  For yourself, or for the students with whom you work, I suggest you take a look at Quizlet (  You are able to create your own online flashcards, then play games using the terms and definitions you have provided and practice with short answer, multiple choice, and true/false exams it generates from the material you type in.  It will even read your flash cards to you!  If you have the time, check it out!

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