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For everyone: Sunday at midnight is the usual deadline for payroll submissions. Get your things together. This is an important deadline, as it’s the last one which will provide a paycheck while you’re still around campus. Especially if you won’t be around Burlington, but generally for everyone, take special care in making sure to get all of your hours in with no issues. If you do any work next week, and you don’t have direct deposit, you’ll need to make arrangements to get your check.

For tutors returning in the fall: you should make sure to communicate to professors shortly after final grades are in about faculty recommendations for the fall. It’s a lot easier for instructors to talk about you immediately after the class finishes, as opposed to after a long summer. Professors forget things too, so make it easy on them and send that link to them in May instead of September.

Remember, we are all done tutoring after Wednesday, May 1st. Tutoring will continue as usual through Wednesday, but we will not do any more tutoring during finals. That includes weekends and reading days.

Good luck on those early finals!

Many thanks,


I hope everyone is enjoying the snow in the middle of April. With the weather outside, it’s hard to believe that the semester will be over in a few short weeks. Speaking of the end of the semester, if anyone’s availability needs to change for any reason, let me know. For Co-op tutors, we can cancel or modify availability; for Campus-wide tutors, we can modify and eliminate the frequency with which we distribute your contact information. Sooner is always better than later!

Officially, our LAST day of tutoring will be Wednesday, May 1st. Subject area tutors CANNOT submit any time worked after the last day of classes. Keep this in mind, and help students to plan accordingly.

We still have pending tutor requests for the semester. If you can help with any of these courses, let me know:
GERM 052, NR 140, NFS 033, MLRS 255, ARTH 146, CHEM 131, ASCI 110, STAT 231, EC 135, CDAE 102, FREN 280, BIOL 196, PRNU 196

Sunday is another deadline for payroll submissions. Be sure to have TutorTrac and PeopleSoft submissions up to date. Let me know if you have any issues. Enjoy your weekend!



Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is settling back into their classes. If you’ve started already, I hope your tutoring sessions have been successful.

The first pay deadline will be Sunday, February 3. If you are confused at all about how to use PeopleSoft or TutorTrac to record your sessions, talk to me next week. Unless these things match, you CANNOT get paid. Everyone wants to get paid, so don’t put this off.

If you have any questions or concerns about your availability, whether related to Co-op hours, courses, or anything else, come talk to me. It’s better to straighten things out early in the semester.

As usual, I am including a running tutor request list. If you have taken any of these classes and would consider tutoring one or more of them, let me know. Courses for which we have received requests: PHYS 013, PHYS 044, BSAD 141, BSAD 180, BSAD 191, NR 104, POLS 071, WFB 074

Many thanks,


I have a few reminders for you this week, and then a few opportunities you should all consider.

So, first, I will remind you that PeopleSoft has been inaccessible this week and will continue to be so through the weekend. Starting on Monday, you will again be allowed to submit your hours. Keep track of your hours until then!

I have said this before, but I think it is worth repeating. If you have a full schedule, and are unable to accommodate any more students for campus-wide appointments, please let me know. If I don’t have the ability to change anything, you will continue to receive requests. That leads to frustrated tutors, overwhelmed with emails, and disappointed students. None of that is good. Let me know if we need to make those changes!

I have three great opportunities for tutors this week. Take a look at them, and if you are interested in any of them, let me know

  • First, I have been contacted by a local parent, with a 16 year-old son. He has difficulty with his study skills, and he is particularly challenged by trigonometry and AP Music Theory. This would be a private tutoring opportunity, which you would work out yourselves with the parents. If interested, send me an email.


  • Second, I am looking to hire an SI leader for the Spring semester to work with Professor Summa’s EC 040: Economics of Globalization. I am looking for an experienced tutor who has taken EC 040, gotten at least a B+ in it, and can work closely with Professor Summa. The SI leader position includes attending the lectures (MWF, 10:40-11:30), hosting two office hours every week to assist students, and also lead two prepared, one-hour sessions of group work, reviewing some of the course material. If interested in this position, complete the standard subject area tutor application and under the courses section, put “SI: EC 040″. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask me. Interviews will be held starting immediately.


  • Third, I am also looking to hire a new Training Coordinator. Many (and perhaps, very nearly, all) of you have been trained by Jennifer Swasey. As she approaches graduation, I will need to prepare her replacement for next year. Training for this position would begin next semester, and interviews will be held in December. This position requires a student enrolled at UVM through at least May of 2014, a great deal of organization, strong communication, and reliability. It offers some great professional development opportunities. Experienced tutors are preferred. If interested, complete the attached application and return it to me, either by email or drop it off to me in my office.

As usual, many thanks to all of you and your hard work. I hope everyone is doing well!



I hope everyone’s doing well. We have a lot to report this week, so please give this email a good read.

First, this coming Sunday will be another deadline for submitting your hours. Remember to get those hours into PeopleSoft, and all of your sessions are in TutorTrac. Also, bring in your Work Summary Reports if you have them. You should address any irregularities in this process with an email to me. Effective next week, any issues with payroll will require you coming in to talk to me.

Second, here is a quick policy update. When you are working in the Learning Co-op, please write your name on your workspace’s designated whiteboard. This allows front desk staff members and students to find tutors quickly and easily.

Third, here are some statistics. For the month of September 2012 alone (a three week period), subject area tutors recorded 158 different students with 316 tutoring sessions. Our total sessions exceeds numbers from the last few years. Great job to all of you busy tutors; you’ve all worked hard to help a lot of your peers. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Fourth, a private tutoring opportunity has come up for CHEM 031. For someone who wants to work with a student regularly to assist with CHEM 031, get in touch with me.

Next, an update on outstanding tutor requests. These are courses for which we do not have any/enough current tutors listed:
BIOL 001, CDAE 002, BIOL 003, SPAN 001-109, CHEM 121, EC 060, NR 104, MATH 173, CS 031
If you can work with any of these courses, do let me know.

Finally, as we approach the end of the semester, please notify me if you will be graduating. It’s never too early to start talking about planning for next semester. Giving me the notice allows me to recruit tutors for any courses you tutor. This helps me, students, and other tutors. So, let me know!

And one last note: I hope everyone has an amazing, overwhelmingly fantastic Halloween. Feel free to tutor in costumes. Be smart, safe, and a have a blast!