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Happy Friday!

  1. Preventing sexual harassment trainings, continued
  2. Courses in need of tutors
  3. Become an SI leader!
  4. Looking for extra cash? Become a note-taker!

1. There have been some complications with the registration for the Preventing Sexual Harassment trainings. There is a NEW link.
Please review the (attached) schedule, find a session to attend, and register with the link listed above. Let me know if there are any issues.

2. We need tutors for the following courses: EC 012, CS 142, FREN 107
Courses on spotlight:

  • NR 143: This course uses GIS software in a Natural Resources context. If you know of anyone who has taken this, or has extensive experience with GIS through the Geography department, encourage them to apply!
  • CHEM 131: Inorganic chemistry. Everyone knows a Chemistry major! Come work with this course!

3. I am currently recruiting SI leaders for Fall 2015 in the following courses. If you are interested, make sure you let me know.

CHEM 023, CHEM 031, CHEM 141, BIOL 001, BCOR 011, ANPS 019, PSYC 001, and EC 011

4. Finally, I am looking for student who can take notes for an ENGS 001 section. If you have taken ENGS 001, or another introductory English course, and can attend the class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:15 in Old Mill, let me know. You DON’T need to enroll, complete assignments, or do the readings. You simply need to attend, take notes, and get paid! This would start immediately, so let me know!


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