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I hope everyone is doing well. I know that those first rounds of exams have hit pretty much everyone by now. Things seem to be going well, so I’ll keep this one short this week.

This weekend is a pay deadline. Make sure your hours are in PeopleSoft and your visits are in TutorTrac.

Fun TutorTrac Fact:
Do you ever need or want to review or modify past TutorTrac visits? Go to the Trac Navigation bar in the top left; click on the magnifying glass; select ‘Visits’. This should bring up your most recent visits with students. By clicking on the link to the left on each entry, you can reopen those visits, and make changes as necessary. If you ever make a mistake on a date or subject, you can make those changes yourself by using this procedure.

I still have a CCV student in need of a Chemistry tutor for an SAT subject area test. The student is looking to start immediately, and meet one to three times per week, for an hour each time. This would be a private tutoring opportunity for anyone who works with CHEM 031. The student is willing to pay for this arrangement. If you have any interest, let me know, and I can set you up with the student.

Finally, here is the list of requests we can’t fill. If you can work with a course, get the faculty recommendation and/or let me know. If you can’t, but a friend can, send them my way.
CDAE 061, EC 040, EC 133, BSAD 132, EC 160, CHEM 121, MATH 237, BSAD 161, MATH 270, BSAD 155, CS 064, BIOL 003, BIOC 212

Have a great weekend!


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