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Tutor Updates


We have officially finished our first week of tutoring (5-day business week, that is). Things seem to be going well. The Learning Co-op has been bustling with the sounds of tutoring appointments. I’ve met with a few of you to go over TutorTrac and PeopleSoft, and I think that’s helped. If there are any more of you out there who are still confused with these two systems, please, come in and see me!

As we move through the semester, please let me know if you get either too many or two few requests. We can alter your available courses, or give out your contact information more or less often. For Co-op based appointments, remember, if you need to remove an availability, the earlier you let me know, the better it is for everyone. More than two weeks notice is ideal, at least a week is good, but anything less than 24 hours, excluding pretty severe emergencies, are completely unacceptable.

If you need to cancel an appointment:
a. Email Keith. Make clear whether or not you can follow up directly with the student to reschedule.
b. If it’s within 24 hours, please call/email the front desk [656-4075/].
c. Follow up with the student, and attempt to reschedule.

We’re looking for tutors for the courses listed below. Let me know if you can work with one of them. Feel free to refer friends/teammates/housemates/acquaintances/classmates/co-workers. We don’t like to leave students waiting for tutors, and your friends are probably smarter than you give them credit for. Seriously.

Requests: CSD 101, LING 081, NURS 120, PRNU 121, PRNU 128, PRNU 129, STAT 200, SOC 001, BIOC 212, CS 020, EC 170, EC 171, BSAD 155, ASCI 171, MATH 017, BCOR 102, CDAE 002, LING 165, BIOL 003, PHIL 013, ME 111, ME 143, PHYS 051, EE 003, EE 131, MATH 237, CS 008

Finally, this weekend is our first payroll submission deadline. Make sure all of your PeopleSoft submissions and TutorTrac records are up-to-date and accurate before Sunday at midnight.


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